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Welcome to Rare Shoelaces, an online store for sneaker enthusiasts and shoe lovers. We believe that the right shoelaces can elevate any pair of sneakers, and that's why we've curated a collection of the coolest and most unique shoelaces on the market.

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A perfect laces for any sneakers

Types of shoelaces we offer

Different colors and patterns: reflective laces, glow-in-the-dark, no-tie, ombre, tie-dye, checkered, solid colors, braded paisley pattern, metallic shoelaces, and many more.

Shoelaces lengths: 31in, 39in, 47in, 55in, 63in, 70in

Type of shoelaces: no-tie, flat, oval, round, waxed, transparent, and many more

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Customer's testimonials

“I recently purchased a pair of Rare Shoelaces for my favorite sneakers and I’m so happy with the quality and style. The shoelaces are durable and they really make my sneakers stand out. I’ll definitely be back for more!” – Alex

“I’ve been a fan of Rare Shoelaces for a while now, and I always get compliments on the unique patterns and colors I choose. The shoelaces are durable and stay tied all day, which is a huge plus. I’ll definitely be a lifelong customer.” – Jasmine

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Customer's support

We go above and beyond to meet our customers’ needs. 

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We hope you'll find the perfect shoelaces to elevate your sneakers at Rare Shoelaces.

No-tie Shoelaces

"Lazy" laces
No-tie shoelaces are a convenient option for people who simply prefer the convenience of a slip-on shoe, or who have difficulty tying traditional shoelaces

Flat Shoelaces

Fun design
Flat shoelaces are classic and versatile, and they come in a wide variety of shades to match any sneaker.

Durable Shoelaces

For outdoor
Outdoor shoelaces are designed to be suitable for use in outdoor activities like hiking, running, or walking.

Unique Shoelaces

Unique design shoelaces are a fun and bold choice for adding a colorful touch to your sneakers.
I've tried a lot of different shoelaces over the years, but Rare Shoelaces are by far the best I've ever used. They're strong and hold up well even after multiple wears, and the colors are so vibrant. I'll definitely be a repeat customer.
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Sean Walsh
Houston, Texas
I was looking for a unique gift for my sneaker-loving friend and I came across Rare Shoelaces. They were a hit! The recipient loves the colors and patterns, and they're really easy to tie. I'm so glad I found this store.
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Astrid Sorensen
Miami, Florida

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