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Shoelaces Length Guide for Converse Shoes

Converse is an American shoe company that was founded in 1908 by Marquis Mills Converse. The company is best known for its line of Chuck Taylor All-Star sneakers, which were first produced in 1917. 5 popular Converse Shoes Shoelace length reference for Converse The length of shoelaces needed for Converse shoes will depend on the […]

What are the types of shoelaces called?

There are many different types of shoelaces, and each type has its own name. Here are 12 common types of shoelaces: ROUND SHOELACES These are one of the most popular types of shoelaces. They are round in cross-section and have a smooth, uniform surface. Round shoelaces are often made from cotton, polyester, or a blend […]


Shoelace length chart

There are a few different ways to find the correct length of shoelaces for your shoes. 3. Use our rough guide below to determine the length of laces you will require. 27” (68 cm) – Kids Low Top shoes/sneakers (generally around ages 5-6).39″ (100 cm) – Kids High Top/Junior Low Top (Up to middle school […]

Shoelaces always come undone, what to do?

There are a few reasons why shoelaces may come undone. One common reason is that the laces are not tied properly. Another reason is that the laces are not the right length for the shoe, which can cause them to come loose. In some cases, the laces may be of poor quality and prone to […]

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Shoelaces Style 2023 for Any Sneakers

There are many different types of laces that can be used to add a unique and stylish look to your shoes. Some options for cool-looking laces include: Patterned shoelaces Laces with fun and colorful patterns, such as stripes, or paisley, can add a playful touch to your shoes. Metallic shoelaces Laces made from metallic materials, […]

animal print laces for shoes

Animal print shoelaces

Animal print shoelaces are the perfect way to add a little something extra to any pair of sneakers. You can choose from Zebra Print Shoelaces, Snake Print Shoelaces, Tiger Print Shoelaces, and Leopard Print Shoelaces. Tiger print laces Tiger print shoelaces are an easy and fun way to add some style to your sneakers. They […]

how to tie no tie shoelaces

How to tie No-Tie (Lazy) shoelaces?

To tie no-tie shoelaces, you will need to use a special type of shoelace called a “no-tie” shoelace. These shoelaces have a locking mechanism at the end that allows them to be tightened and loosened without the need for tying. No-tie shoelaces give you a comfortable and secure fit without the need for traditional shoelace […]

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All you need to know about shoelaces

Shoelaces, also called shoestrings (US English) or bootlaces (UK English), are a laces commonly used to secure shoes, boots, sneakers, and other footwear, and make wearing shoes more comfortable. They typically consist of a pair of strings or cords, one for each shoe, finished off at both ends with stiff sections (plastic or metal), known as aglets.  Shape of shoelaces Shoelaces come either flat, round, […]

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