Dunk Nike Shoelaces Length

Dunk Nike Shoelaces Length – The Ultimate Guide

Are you confused about the perfect shoelace length for your Nike Dunks? Worry no more! This simple guide will help you pick the ideal shoelace size for Nike Dunk Lows, Mids, and Highs.

Nike Dunk Lows

  • Ideal Lace Length: 55 inches
  • Note: 47 inches might be too short for tying comfortably. 55″ laces work great for Dunk Lows if you like tying vs. tucking your laces

Nike Dunk Mids

  • Ideal Lace Length: 63 inches
  • This length ensures you can tie a solid knot without the laces feeling too lengthy.

Nike Dunk Highs

  • Ideal Lace Length: 73 inches
  • Longer laces are necessary to accommodate the extra height of Dunk Highs, ensuring a good tie and fit.

Quick Tips:

  • Short Laces: If you find your laces too short to tie effectively, consider sizing up.
  • Tying vs. Tucking: If you prefer tucking your laces for a sleek look, slightly shorter laces might work better.


Add this guide to your bookmark for easy reference and ensure your Dunks always look their best!

Beyond the Hype: 9 Unbeknownst Facts About the Iconic Nike Dunk

  1. Nike has released 762 different SB Dunk variations: 425 low-tops, 72 mid-tops, and 273 high-tops
  2. The original name for the Dunk was actually “The College.” Thankfully, “Dunk” stuck around.
  3. In the music video for “Sunflower” by Post Malone and Swae Lee, which is part of the soundtrack for the animated film “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse,” characters are seen wearing sneakers inspired by Nike Dunks.
  4. The Dunk wasn’t designed for skateboarding! It debuted in 1985 alongside the Air Jordan 1, aimed at college basketball players.
  5. Nike has released Dunks inspired by popular culture, including a pair inspired by the cartoon character SpongeBob SquarePants.
  6. nike dunk SpongeBob SquarePants.

  7. The most expensive Nike Dunk sold for over $10 000 is a pair from the Supreme x Nike SB Dunk Low “White Cement” or “Black Cement” released in 2002
  8. The release of the “Pigeon” Dunk in 2005 in New York caused near-riot conditions. The sneakers were extremely limited, with only around 150 pairs available.
  9. The original retail price of a Dunk in 1985 was $65.
  10. In 2022, Nike Dunks outsold the iconic Air Jordan 1s, accounting for a staggering 53% of all Nike sales
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