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long golden goose laces what to do

Golden Goose Laces Are Too Long? Here’s a Step-by-Step Solution!

What to do if your Golden Goose laces are too long? Sometimes you find that the laces that come with your Golden Goose sneakers are so long that you can lace them around your foot twice, which is very impractical. Or maybe you decided to buy new cool laces, but when you received them, they turned out to be longer than needed. If you try to tie them with a regular knot, at best they will just hang and catch debris on the street, and at worst, you will constantly step on them.
But don’t worry, in this article, I will tell you how to create a cool classic lacing style for Golden Goose sneakers. It’s very easy and won’t take much time, but the result will exceed all your expectations, and your favorite Golden Goose sneakers will look like they were laced in an official store.

How to make golden goose laces shorter?

In this tutorial, I took the super popular Golden Goose Super Star model and 120cm (47 inches) laces. With just 5 steps, I transformed long laces into shorter ones that are a perfect fit for any Golden Goose sneakers with 6 eyelets on each side.

Step 1. Lace your sneakers in the usual way. If you have really long laces, you will see how much lace is left at the end. Adjust the length of the laces so that there is enough lace sticking out of the eyelets to tie a knot.
golden goose laces hack
Step 2. Tie a knot on each lace.
classic golden goose lace
Step 3. Remove the insole from the Golden Goose sneakers.
golden goose laces how to tie
Step 4. Tuck the extra laces inside the sneakers.
how to make golden goose laces shorter
Step 5. Put the insole back into the sneakers, and you’re done!
golden goose laces short
In just 5 steps, you can make your Golden Goose sneakers neater and more minimalist, even if you find yourself in a situation where your laces are longer than you would like.

If you want to refresh your Golden Goose sneakers and buy new fashionable laces, check out our lace collection, which offers dozens of lace options that are perfect for any Golden Goose sneaker model.

If you’re not sure about the length of laces needed for Golden Goose sneakers, be sure to read our complete guide on choosing the right lace length.

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