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Lanvin Leather Curb Sneakers (and Lanvin Shoelaces): All You Need To Know

Bringing back the best of the 90s, with the Lanvin Curb sneaker. Made with the finest calfskin, suede, and mesh – only the best materials for real winners. This sneaker is incredible! The rounded shape, the big padded tongue, and those metal eyelets? Tremendous comfort, tremendous look. It’s like nothing else out there!  The Curb is simply the best, better than all the rest. Trust me.

Made by the oldest surviving French fashion house, Lanvin, this sneaker is famous for its chunky, oversized aesthetic that differentiates it from more traditional, sleek sneaker designs.

lanvin shoelaces replacement

* Oversized Aesthetic: The Curb sneaker is known for its bulky, exaggerated silhouette, which includes a thick sole and a wide, padded tongue.
* Material Mix: Lanvin utilizes a mix of materials in the construction of the Curb sneaker, including premium leather, suede, and mesh. This combination adds depth and texture to the sneaker’s appearance.
* Woven Herringbone Laces: the herringbone pattern provides a better grip against the eyelets, keeping your shoes securely fastened
* Distinctive Details: Extra Wide laces, metal eyelets, and the Lanvin logo. Some versions also feature unique embellishments or prints.
* Color Variations: While initially released in a few select colorways, the Curb sneaker has been offered in a wide range of colors and patterns over time.

Where to buy shoelaces for Lanvin Curb Sneakers?

If you’re looking for replacement shoelaces, RareShoelaces.com is your go-to destination. They offer a wide selection of high-quality laces including extra wide Woven Herringbone Laces.

Lanvin Shoelaces Replacement Length

If you’re looking for shoelaces similar to those that Lanvin uses for their sneakers, this guide will help you find the right size. For Lanvin Curb Sneakers, you’ll need 39″ (100cm) laces if you prefer not to tie a bow, and 47″ (120cm) laces if you want extra length for a knot or bow.

Lanvin shoelaces replacement buy online

If you wish to buy shoelaces similar to those for Lanvin Curb Sneakers but plan to use them in sneakers of a different brand, follow these guidelines: For sneakers with 4-5 eyelets on one side, you’ll need 39″ (100cm) laces; for sneakers with 5-6 eyelets on one side, 47″ (120cm) laces are necessary; and for sneakers with 7 eyelets, you should opt for 55″ (140cm) laces.

When did Lanvin Curb sneakers come out?

The Lanvin Curb sneaker was first introduced as part of Lanvin’s Spring/Summer 2021 collection. The design quickly gained attention for its unique, chunky aesthetic. The introduction of the Curb sneaker under the creative direction of Bruno Sialelli was part of a broader effort to rejuvenate the brand, mixing its rich heritage with contemporary design elements. Since their debut, the Curb sneakers have become the most popular in Lanvin’s footwear lineup, with new colorways and variations released in subsequent seasons.

Does Lanvin curb sneakers run small?

According to the official Lanvin website, the Curb sneakers should fit true to size: They recommend going with your usual size.

lanvin shoelaces replacement

Does Lanvin make good shoes?

Yes, Lanvin is well-regarded for producing high-quality shoes. Besides, Lanvin, being the oldest French fashion house, has a long-standing reputation for luxury and craftsmanship. Their footwear, including the notable Curb sneakers, uses premium materials for its shoes, including high-grade leather, suede, and innovative fabrics. These materials not only contribute to the shoes’ aesthetic appeal but also their durability and comfort.

Which celebrities wear Lanvin Sneakers?

Here are some names that have been spotted in the brand:
• Michelle Obama: Former First Lady Michelle Obama sported Lanvin sneakers during a press conference.

* Kanye West: The rapper has been seen wearing Lanvin sneakers.
* Joe Jonas: Singer Joe Jonas has worn Lanvin slip-on shoes.
* John Legend: Singer John Legend has been spotted in Lanvin sneakers.
* Jay-Z: Rapper Jay-Z owns Lanvin clothing items, shoes included

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