EXTRA THICK Twisted Cotton Rope Shoe Laces for AF1, and Lanvin Sneakers


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Extra Thick Rope Laces Durability:

   •Material: Shoelaces made of cotton, known for its strength.

   •Design: Extra thick, resembling rope style.

   •Durability Level: Extremely durable due to robust construction.


Material and Quality:

   •Material: Lace made entirely of cotton.

   •Lace Tips: High-quality plastic ends.

   •Usage: Plastic tips facilitate easier threading through eyelets.

Rope Laces Length:

   •Available Lengths:

      •39 inches (100 centimeters)

      •47 inches (120 centimeters)

      •55 inches (140 centimeters)

      •63 inches (160 centimeters)

   •Suggested Usage:

      •For most shoes with six eyelets: 47 inches.

      •For most shoes with seven eyelets: 55 inches.

   •Additional Resources: For a detailed guide on choosing the correct shoelace length

Compatibility with Shoes

   •Thickness: The shoelaces are extra thick.

   •Eyelet Fit: Not suitable for small eyelets.

   •Adaptation Options:

        •Option 1: Cut wider eyelets to accommodate the thickness (suitable for sneakers like Air Force 1 Nike).

        •Option 2: Use classic laces or modify existing laces as a workaround.

   •Additional Resources: Tutorials available on how to adapt laces for different shoes.


Believe me, once you rock these laces, there’s no going back to those basic, ordinary ones.

Additional information


Black, White, Navy blue, Gray, Beige, Pink, Orange, Brown


39in, 47in, 55in, 63in

5 reviews for EXTRA THICK Twisted Cotton Rope Shoe Laces for AF1, and Lanvin Sneakers

    Robert Jn.
    May 30, 2024
    These laces are a solid choice if you want to beef up your sneakers. They’re super thick and tough, making my AF1s look even better.
    extra thick shoelaces
    Terry R.
    May 6, 2024
    Quality is on point, they look dope.
    Scandy. R.
    April 8, 2024
    These laces are legit, they pull the whole look together.
    Tomas R.
    February 12, 2024
    I recently switched to these laces for my AF1s and I’m impressed. They’re noticeably heftier than standard laces, which complements the chunky style of the sneakers.
    best extra thick shoelaces
    Micaely A.
    December 3, 2023
    Hi, I’m a professional photographer, and I love snapping pics of my new kicks. Wasn’t a fan of the original laces, so I grabbed a pair from Rare Shoelaces. They look so amazing, I just had to post a pic to show them off.
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