Shoelace length chart

Shoelace Length Chart

Here’s a table to give you a starting point for finding the ideal shoelace length based on the number of eyelets (holes) on your shoe and its type:

Shoe TypeEyelet PairsLength (inches)Length (cm)
Kids’ Low Top (ages 5-6)5-727″ – 30″68 – 76cm
Kids’ High Top/Junior Low Top5-736″ – 40″91 – 102cm
Adult Low Top536″ – 40″91 – 102cm
Adult Low Top645″ – 47″114 – 120cm
Adult Low Top/High Top755″140cm
Boots/High Top (Women)855″140cm
Boots/High Top (Men)860-63″152-160cm

This chart provides a quick reference for selecting the correct shoelace length based on shoe style and size.

shoelaces length for shoes chart

What shoelace size do I need?

To determine the required length of shoelaces you need, count the number of eyelets on each side of your shoe and refer to the table posted above.

What is the average shoe lace length?

The average shoelace length is 47 inches, which is suitable for shoes with 5-6 eyelets on each side.

Lace Sizes

The typical length of shoelaces ranges from 30 inches (76 cm) all the way up to 80 inches (203 cm). For those who prefer wearing some of the more popular sneaker models, such as Nike AF1s or Converse High Tops, you’re gonna want your laces to be either 45 inches (115 cm) or 55 inches (140 cm) long.

Measure your old shoelaces

Another option is to measure your old shoelaces to get an idea of the length you need. To do this, lay the shoelace flat and measure it from end to end, including any aglets (the decorative caps on the ends of the shoelaces). This measurement can give you a good starting point for finding a new pair of shoelaces. If you are unable to measure the length of the lace you want to replace use our shoelaces length chart.

If you are still unsure, you can always contact the retailer or manufacturer for more specific sizing information. Good luck!

Additional Tips:

  • Consider the lacing pattern you prefer. Some patterns require more lace than others. Account for any bulky features on your shoes, like a thick tongue, that might require extra lace length.


Count the number of eyelets on your shoes (the holes which your laces thread into on the shoe) and divide by two. This will give you the number of eyelets pairs you have.

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